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Posted by Katherine Louise Marr on

All too often, living in Ireland in winter means our fabulously coordinated, multi-layered and considered looks tend to go to waste under coats and jackets. So why not instead make them the main feature...

Channelling style when the weather can’t make up its mind becomes a near impossible task… Almost anything goes so long as it keeps the wind and rain off our backs.

So on that note, we are going to analyse some of our finest coats and jackets in-store and online today!
We will be taking a measure of winter wearability and style…


No.1- Mus&Bombon Chest Jacket



Wearability: There is no doubt of this jacket's versatility from Mus&Bombon. Its neutral tones and timeless print will keep you looking smart and sophisticated whether you're heading for a casual catch-up or dressing up for an occasional night out! It is soft and comfortable, yet structured to give a gorgeous silhouette

Style: We recommend going all-out for this number with these ICHI Cordy Trousers and our Tie Dye Knit Sweater to keep warm and stylish. Top it off with a colourful statement scarf like the Steffie Scarf from Rant & Rave to tie the whole look together.


No.2- Molly Bracken Plaid Shirt Coat   


Wearability: This statement jacket will be your favourite item of clothing this winter if you love using colour to brighten up the darker winter days! Its oversized look means you can wear whatever you feel like underneath and still look chic and cosy at all times. 

Style: Dress this piece up or down with our Rant & Rave Tina Leggings for comfort, or the Nessa Leather Jeans for style. Double up on the colours in this jacket with ICHI's Beda Hat in a marled purple for a more considered look.


No.3 -French Connection Iolani Midi Puffer Coat     



Wearability: You can't go wrong with a puffer jacket. This everyday jacket comes with a fun, contrasting red lining and zip front as well as two zip pockets. Not to mention its sleek black exterior and mid-length to give a strong and fitted finish. This jacket will keep you feeling warm and cosy during those icy and windy days. The enchanted style hood will also ensure your neck is protected from the cold even when your hood is down.

Style: We are fans of matching colours in easy ways to give a styled and considered look which is why we have to pair this piece with the Rena Lurex Cable Knit Hat in Red. The perfect piece to go over your gym wear, jeggings and athleisure. Shop Olive & Crew's leisurewear  here!


No.4- French Connection Klio Recycled Aris Quilt Coat


womens green jacket  womens green jacket  womens green jacket    


Wearability: Our French Connection Statement Jacket is one of our absolute favourites. Depending on your personal sense of style, this can be an everyday jacket or a more occasional one. Either way, you are going to look fabulous and even better, feel so warm and comfortable.

With padding throughout, concealed popper and zip fastening along with a removable collar and hood you'll be ready to brave the elements in this number. Its long length also offers added protection.

Style: Let this mood-boosting jacket do all the work. We would love to see this piece paired with Zilch's Mid-Length Polka Dot Dress which would perfectly balance out the volume of the jacket, accompanied by the ICHI Ivona Hat in Koi.

You can shop for all of these jackets and more on our site! Take a sneak peek 👀

 brown womens jacket     womens orange knitted hat     womens green fluffy coat    womens hats and scarves

We hope you love our winter coats, jackets and accessories as much as we do!

Happy warm winter jacket hunting x

- Aoibhin O’Sullivan


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5 Ways to Wear Woolly Knits this Winter ❄️⛄

Posted by Katherine Louise Marr on

With the winter chill beginning to set in… there is nothing more comforting and satisfying than being perfectly dressed for the winter weather. Not too hot and not too cold just perfectly cosy and LOTS of layers!

If you are anything like us at Olive & Crew, then you’ll know it also calls for the annual woolly knit purchase!

And have we got a selection for you…

We’ve chosen 5 of our best woolly pieces in store and how we think you can style them to look and feel cosy and chic this winter!

1. The Classic Combo - R&R Ena High Rise Jeans and the Kamara Striped Jumper

This first look is your go-to everyday winter outfit, looking perfectly coordinated and comfortable. This striped knit matched with a pair of high-rise skinny’s means you can opt for the french tuck to really elongate the leg!

   Super High Rise Skinny Jeans     
 Go for an oversized jacket, woolly hat and trainers for a styled and finished look!


2. The Winter Skirt Lover - Skirt & Oversized jumper combo by Molly Bracken

For this style concept, we had to look to our Molly Bracken collection for inspiration with this gorgeous, vibrant tie-dye turtle-neck jumper. This oversized jumper is perfectly balanced matched with a high-waist mini skirt and knee-high boots. For a more casual look, choose a darker colour skirt eg. a black denim skirt with tights and black ankle boots. This look will see you through all your winter occasions!

This jumper is currently available online and in-store. The skirt is soon to be hitting our shop so keep your eyes peeled 👀

We would love to see this look paired with an ankle-length coat, and matching scarf & hat! Here’s your sign to pull out those winter gems 😍


3. At the Office - Straight Leg Black Trousers & Fabienne Orange jumper

We understand it can’t all be casual coffee catch-up outfits... so this one is for those searching for chic & cosy office attire… Look no further! We have found it!

Picture these straight-leg smart black trousers with this cosy high-necked jumper in orange. Keeping things smart and sophisticated but will also introduce warmth and colour to your winter office wardrobe!

We can already picture the shiny black loafers and minimalist jewellery to bring this look up a notch!


4. Who said knitwear could only be jumpers and cardigans? Yes, we’ve got a Knitted Dress 😍

It makes so much sense… You can wear thin or thick layers underneath... You can wear 15 denier fashion tights or thick thermal ones… The woolliness weighs it down, it’s never going to take off in the wind… AND it’s got a fun and original print! We LOVE it!

You're bound to get a few compliments on this one!


5. The Girl's Night Out Knit 

The days of pretending you’re not cold on a night out are far behind! Let’s break out the woolly knits and leather-look leggings for a winning combo - comfortable and dressed up! Here, we've gone for a neutral toned poncho which would go perfectly with a pair of leather look R&R leggings. 

But if you really want to jazz things up… Heeled boots and Capulet & Montague earrings will do the trick!

You can shop our entire knitwear collection HERE

Here’s to looking fabulous by the fireside this year! 

- Aoibhin O’Sullivan

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INTRODUCING: A Bold & Inspiring New Brand

Posted by Katherine Louise Marr on

We are always looking for new, innovative and conscious fashion brands at Olive & Crew and we are SO EXCITED about this one...

The brand, based in Spain, has set out to offer fun and fantastical clothing at a good price. They have also considered their own social responsibility in the fashion world. It is no secret that the fashion industry oversees tonnes of waste each year. This is why we at Olive & Crew aim to seek out brands who are like-minded - we want long-lasting and timeless pieces (but also fun and original!)

Compañía Fantástica is exactly this!!

So on that note lets take a look at some of our favourite pieces stocked in store and online for this Autumn/Winter... All items can be found through this link: Shop Campania Fantastica 

 Floral Print Smock Dress and Top:


This gorgeous blue floral piece comes in a blouse and dress. Both items share the flared arm and button at the back of the neck detail. These pieces are so fun and can be dressed up or down depending on your style/occasion!

Next on our list...

 Three-Tone Brown Long Sleeve Knit Jumper


I can confirm this lightweight knit is in fact, just as soft and cosy as it looks... What we really love is the warm tones of this knit for Autumn/Winter which, while being vibrant are also rich and neutral making them well-suited to the Irish winter weather!

 For those less wooly winter days...

 The Catboy Printed Tee


Here for those warmer winter days or perhaps for just overheating by the fire... You can relinquish the cosy sweaters to reveal this artsy and cute tee! 

Last but certainly not least... The FINALE of our favourites..

The Gingham Print Midi Shirt Dress


With possibly the most flattering line and print, our winning item from Compañía Fantástica is hands down this Gingham Midi number! The Autumnal colours and longer skirt make it ideal for looking stylish from day-to-night. For colder days you can opt for tights, boots, a long line jacket and a cream polo neck to keep you feeling cosy!

We have so much more to come from this incredible new brand so keep your eyes peeled... 👀 
You can find more pieces from this brand in-store and online also here! Shop Compania Fantastica


- Aoibhín O'Sullivan
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Olive & Crew’s Guide to Gifting

Posted by Katherine Louise Marr on

We have all struggled under the pressure of gifting whether it’s for someone extremely close to us, friends, family, or even your kid's schoolteacher! Deep down we all want our recipient to absolutely love it too! So In order to achieve this, we need our gifts to be:

  1. Useful - have you ever received a gift that made no sense to you but perhaps would be useful to another? Think about the person you are shopping for and in what context does your gift work?
  2. Appropriate - How intimately do you know this person? If they are a loved one or family member which you feel confident to buy a stylish item of apparel for, then we applaud you!! Buying for someone you are not close with does not mean you cannot offer them a thoughtful gift and we will offer some suggestions on this below!
  3. Affordable - No one needs to break the bank to offer a great present! If you’ve nailed the first two elements then what's next is finding the right price to pay for your gifts. Or maybe all you need is a beautiful card to write a personal note in…
To keep things simple or to add an extra layer to a gift you already have, we suggest some of the following items. Each can be gifted individually or perhaps with the right basket you could create a lovely little gift hamper!

Let's start with the most established token we have all received and gifted at some point in our lives…!


Though we’re not quite talking about any candles…

We are specifically referring to organic, soy wax candles handmade in Ireland and inspired by the beautiful landscape of the west coast.
Our first contender is The Irish Chandler’s Coastal and Seasonal Gift sets which each contain three delicious scents. The Clare Coastal set in particular is perfect if your recipient has a known fondness for the seaside of Co. Clare. Both of these sets are a known crowd-pleaser!

Alternatively, we also suggest our Julia Clarke range of candles and diffusers which are made in Co. Galway. Our favourite scent is Wild Fig, Vanilla & Blackcurrant which comes in both candles & a diffuser. You can shop all of our candles and diffusers here.

For another classic present…


Everyone has their favourite pairs of socks they love to see coming through the wash each week. Why not gift someone theirs!

We suggest going all-in for White Stuffs Men's Hot Air Balloon Sock Box. These fun socks have a majority cotton composition and are extra-soft for the ultimate cosiness.
Our lady's socks of choice of course must go to Seasalt’s Sailor Socks. These socks are comprised of bamboo-derived viscose which makes them especially soft and breathable.

Soaps, Lotions & More

The Airmid gift sets offer complete skin care for both men and women. The sets include soaps, lotions bars, shampoo bars and shaving kits in a range of fresh scents.
Airmid is a home-grown enterprise which is inspired by all things natural and our neighbouring treasured landscape of the Burren Co. Clare.

For him, we suggest the Green Man’s Luxury Shaving Kit complete with brush and soap for a cleansed and clean shave. Or, for those opting out of a clean-shaven look, we also offer the Green Man’s Beard Care Kit which includes a beard shampoo soap bar and beard oil all made from natural ingredients.

For her, why not try a luxurious Body Oil which comes in three scents - Tranquil Island, Woodland Walk or Wild garden for radiant and nourished skin. You could also pair it with Perfume Oil which also comes in three different scents - Cliff, Forest and Meadow, to create a duo of beautiful smelling oils for an extra thoughtful gift.

Ideally, this guide will have offered you either the exact gift for your special recipient or at least a good idea of what might work. If you are still in a pickle there are plenty more finds to be found on our site Olive& and even more items in-store on Main Street Lahinch.

And if you’re really really stuck, in a classic Irish fashion, you can also purchase a Gift Card through our site!

Relax! We’ve got this!

- Aoibhín O'Sullivan

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Your Irish Holiday Essentials

Posted by Katherine Louise Marr on

The Irish population remains the most admirable when booking our summer holidays. I say this because despite the country’s unpredictable weather, every year we decide with the utmost good faith to holiday in the most picturesque seaside locations on the island… Unfortunately, we can never fully trust the weather report which causes chaos when deciding what to pack! We do hate to see all the gorgeous flowy and floral outfits go to waste because of a bit of typical, unpredictable Irish weather.

With all that being said, we have gathered some Irish holiday essentials which will be sure to see you through whatever the weather and keep you looking fabulous and holiday ready!

Of course, the central piece of any holiday ought to be the swimwear… And with the wave of cold water swimming on the rise, there are no excuses now. Take the plunge!

1. Our Papaya ICHI swimsuit is one of our shop faves
Shop Our swimsuit range here:
2. Lougewear

For all those hardy enough to bear the elements we also recommend the cutest and most comfortable co-ord to warm up in while you sip hot chocolates by the beach! The Carla & Gwen fluffy joggers and hoodie from Indie & Moi will keep you looking fab. We love these pieces together however the versatile set can be worn separately and paired with blue denim jeans/shorts or a plain white Tee.

3. Print
Summer is the perfect time to play around with prints and patterns and before we get too carried away… there are simple and easy prints which can go amazingly together without being ‘too much.’
This striped navy vest is super soft light and breathable. Perfect to wear on its own or pair it with a long sleeve T for a bit more warmth.
4. Denim
There is no denying that good denim is the bedrock of any great outfit. These beautiful blue denim shorts from ICHI are embroidered with tiny daisies all over. They are the perfect embodiment of summer. 
5. The perfect summer dress

For this essential piece, we choose Zilch’s Flowerfield dress.  

Using breathable and environmentally conscious fabrics, we choose this lightweight floral maxi dress as our outright winner. We love this chic, buttoned-up, collared look along with a sinched-in waist to give a simple and attractive silhouette. The ideal day-to-night summer dress.

Shop our dresses range here:

6. Jacket

This year why not swap out the light jumper for a denim jacket instead? 

Not only do you get to display your lovely blouse or dress but you can also wear a light jumper underneath this staple piece. 

Our Cherry Paris Bogata jacket is slightly oversized making it a handy and fashionable piece to wear during the day or when dining out. Search ‘denim jackets’ on our site to view our entire selection.

7. The Reversible Seasalt Raincoat:

This nautical-style raincoat gives us all the seaside inspiration Not only is it reversible (Yes that means it has inside pockets too!), it is waterproof up to 3000mm which is suitable for mild-moderate rain and has a rating of 3000g breathability. It is well-suited to the Irish summer weather. We also love that it’s recycled from plastic bottles!!

Shop this jacket in-store in our shop on Mainstreet, Lahinch, Co. Clare.

Hopefully, you have found this blog useful when brainstorming your holiday collection this summer. Whether you shop the whole checklist of items or add to your pre-existing bulletproof holiday wardrobe there are definitely some tips to take away! 

Thanks for stopping by,

Laethanta Saoire Sona Dhaoibh x

- Aoibhín O'Sullivan

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