INTRODUCING: A Bold & Inspiring New Brand

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We are always looking for new, innovative and conscious fashion brands at Olive & Crew and we are SO EXCITED about this one...

The brand, based in Spain, has set out to offer fun and fantastical clothing at a good price. They have also considered their own social responsibility in the fashion world. It is no secret that the fashion industry oversees tonnes of waste each year. This is why we at Olive & Crew aim to seek out brands who are like-minded - we want long-lasting and timeless pieces (but also fun and original!)

Compañía Fantástica is exactly this!!

So on that note lets take a look at some of our favourite pieces stocked in store and online for this Autumn/Winter... All items can be found through this link: Shop Campania Fantastica 

 Floral Print Smock Dress and Top:


This gorgeous blue floral piece comes in a blouse and dress. Both items share the flared arm and button at the back of the neck detail. These pieces are so fun and can be dressed up or down depending on your style/occasion!

Next on our list...

 Three-Tone Brown Long Sleeve Knit Jumper


I can confirm this lightweight knit is in fact, just as soft and cosy as it looks... What we really love is the warm tones of this knit for Autumn/Winter which, while being vibrant are also rich and neutral making them well-suited to the Irish winter weather!

 For those less wooly winter days...

 The Catboy Printed Tee


Here for those warmer winter days or perhaps for just overheating by the fire... You can relinquish the cosy sweaters to reveal this artsy and cute tee! 

Last but certainly not least... The FINALE of our favourites..

The Gingham Print Midi Shirt Dress


With possibly the most flattering line and print, our winning item from Compañía Fantástica is hands down this Gingham Midi number! The Autumnal colours and longer skirt make it ideal for looking stylish from day-to-night. For colder days you can opt for tights, boots, a long line jacket and a cream polo neck to keep you feeling cosy!

We have so much more to come from this incredible new brand so keep your eyes peeled... 👀 
You can find more pieces from this brand in-store and online also here! Shop Compania Fantastica


- Aoibhín O'Sullivan

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