Cottage Hedge
Cottage Hedge
Cottage Hedge

The Irish Chandler

Cottage Hedge

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Pretty scents from an Irish hedgerow with floral blends of nettle, elderflower and honeysuckle

About a quarter of a mile along The Old Bog Road your eye will be drawn to a reflection in a little window of The Old Cottage. You will need to give the dishevelled gate a good push to get through the branches of the wildly over grown Elderflower & Nettles, be careful not to tread on the clusters of Primrose that scatter the ground below The Cottage Hedge where the family donkey once popped his head out to say hello passers by.


Small = 120ml = 20-25 hours burn time.

Medium = 180ml = 30-35 hours burn time.

Large = 300ml - 55-60 hours burn time.