Blossom Hand Cream
Blossom Hand Cream

Little Red

Blossom Hand Cream

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Wake up & smell the roses! Little Red Blossom Hand Cream is hand-crafted with organic cocoa butter, extra virgin olive oil, unbleached beeswax, mountain spring water, seaweed, & luxurious essential oils of Rose & Neroli. Did you know that it takes four tonnes of roses to make 1kg of rose oil? Treat your hands to this decadent treatment, which is loaded with ingredients good enough to eat! So whether you’ve been chopping logs or pruning roses, this baby will whip your mitts into soft, supple shape in no time. Apply sparingly, as this is a super rich and nourishing hand cream; great for the repair of dry or chapped skin, and wonderfully calming to the senses.

Available in 50g plastic-free jars (made from wood chips & natural resin) or 100g tins.

Certified organic.